Yoga Among Friends


We’re living in strange times at the moment. More and more people are reaching for new ways to connect socially. This is so important, and so encouraging that we are finally seeing how much we all need one another.

Whilst there are many great ways to connect socially at the moment, why not try out a new skill in the process?

Yoga is calming, relaxing and becoming more popular whilst we are all stuck indoors. I think partly due to to the fact yoga has well known calming effects and partly due to the fact it’s so easy to get started, people are deciding to start practicing yoga in quarantine.

In this post, I’ll walk you through how you link your new skill with social connection or share your existing skill with friends who are, let’s face it, pretty bored right now and trying to find something to do.


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Why should you do yoga with your friends?


So I think yoga is really important to do full stop. And whether you find that easier to practice by yourself and others will just depend on your preferences.


When we are starting a new skill, it’s sometimes hard to get into the habit. Habits typically take 66 days to become automatic and easy. However, there’s not a lot of certainty in the world right now, which can leave us feeling unmotivated and not too bothered about starting something new.


This is completely fine to feel, however if something inside of you really wants to get going with a regular yoga practice, then getting your friends to join in might be a good way to get around it.


Practicing as a group (whilst on video call/social distancing!) can bring some accountability to your new yoga practice. Even when you don’t feel like doing it, you’ll know there are other people waiting on that call for you, and you won’t want to be the only one who doesn’t turn up!


This is something that is ingrained in us – we don’t want to be the odd one out. And by being aware of this, we can use it to our advantage to start new skills and build sustainable habits!


Practicing with friends can also be really fun. If you are all new, you can all find a sense of playfulness with yoga whilst you are finding your feet. When you feel you don’t know how to do something, one way to take the tension out of the situation is to simply laugh at yourself. And of course this is always easier to do with friends laughing at you as well.


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How to get started


So at the moment we can’t all head to a yoga class as most of the world is either on lockdown or self-isolating (a sentence I never imagined I would write!) and so yoga studies are closed down.


The good news, however is that lots of yoga studies and companies have moved online. Whether this be through instagram lives, Zoom calls or Youtube videos, there are some great ways to get started with yoga at the moment.


My personal recommendation, if you are getting started with friends, would be to find a studio that is hosting yoga classes over Zoom. This way, you can all sign up and have a set time for when you need to be on the call.


The great thing about Zoom yoga classes (or the not so great thing!) is that you can see all of the other members on the call. This obviously links in great with the accountability aspect of the new skill as you’ll be able to see which of your friends have made it and who hasn’t.


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Sense of community


It’s also great for a sense of community during these times. You may be living on your own or with others right now, but whatever the situation is, it’s crucial to stay connected with the outside world. And this doesn’t have to just be friends who you Houseparty call every now and then, it’s great just to see other people as well! Just as a reminder there is another world out there with people in the exact same situation as you right now.


Another great thing about the Zoom yoga calls is that you can watch your friends! This is helpful if you are all starting out together, you can check in and see how each other is getting on!


This is great news is also if you always wanted to get to a yoga class in person, but felt too shy or self-conscious! You can now get started in the comfort of your own home and when lockdown is over, go show off your skills in the studio!


Share your skills!


If you’ve been doing yoga for a while now, you’ll probably know the benefits very well. And you may have been trying to get your non-yogi friends to practice for some time!


As you’ll know, when you first start a skill it feels clumsy and you don’t feel too confident. So when you get your friends involved remember how you felt when you first started, and try to build up their confidence as much as you can!


Share your skills, share your knowledge and share any good tips and tricks you might have to get them going and get them enjoying the practice.


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So what do you think? Whether you are completely new to yoga or have been practicing a while, there are ways to continue practicing during these times and get your friends involved in the process!


Yoga is an amazing skill to have and especially when we’re feeling anxious or stressed, having yoga as a skill means there is always an opportunity to find some inner peace and calm. Who wouldn’t want to share this with their friends?


I hope it works out well and I hope your friends begin to enjoy yoga during this time so much that they decide to continue with it when the world gets a little bit more back to normal.



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