What To Bring To A Yoga Class



So you’re thinking of heading to your first yoga class but you’ve no idea what to take, what to do or what it’ll be like


In this post, I’ll help ease your first class apprehension by walking you through what to bring to a yoga class, as well as the entire process from choosing the right yoga class for you to the class itself.


how to start a yoga routine


Choosing your yoga studio


Choosing the right yoga studio for you is a really important part of your yoga journey. Each yoga studio will have its own unique ambiance, ethos and teaching style. Some yoga studios will have a more modern take on the practice, whereas others may be more rooted in the ancient traditions that encompass a yoga practice. 


If you haven’t tried any yoga class or studio before, you might not know which you prefer yet. This is a great position to be in, because it means you can try out a variety of studios before taking the membership plunge. Take advantage of the many introductory offers that yoga studios offer and see which feels best.


I would highly recommend trying out more than one yoga studio especially if you are new to yoga. This comes from personal experience. I had never really tried yoga before and I went to a studio to try out a class. I loved the class and knew I was going to sign up. I then went to sign up online and thought the website looked a little different than before, but I went for it anyway.


It turns out I signed up for a completely different studio than I had intended to. Luckily it was still close by, so I went along to a class not expecting much. What happened was I absolutely LOVED this new studio and fell in love with the way they taught. Since then, I’ve never looked back! If I hadn’t accidentally signed up with them, I would have never found the studio because I had been so set on the first one I went to!


So different yoga studios will focus on differently teaching styles. Some may focus more on meditation, whereas others may be more fast paced and have more of a fitness feel and may even include power yoga. Try a few of these out and see what suits you best!


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What to bring 


1. Yourself

So of course, you actually need to take the plunge and go. Going to a new class of any kind when you’re not sure what you’re doing can be daunting. But you’ll never reap the benefits if you don’t start sometime. Keep your head held high and feel confident that you’ll get the hang of it soon enough – even the most advanced yogis started off not knowing what to do!

That being said, it can also be important to keep an open mind when you go to a new class in a new studio. Keeping an open mind will allow you to really feel the benefits of the class, and more fairly weigh up whether it feels right for you. Going in with a closed mind will cause you to block out significant parts of the experience.


2. Towel

If you’re heading to a hot yoga class, you will definitely want to take a towel along. This will help prevent slipping on the mats whilst in the various yoga poses. It can also be helpful if you do start to get quite sweaty for a quick wipe down!

If you’re heading to a regular yoga class, taking a towel just in case you need it might be a good idea as well. If it’s a new class and you’re not sure how intense it will be, having a towel there in case you do get a bit sweaty will help you stay strong and more comfortable in the poses.  


3. Comfy clothes

Comfortable clothes are essential for any yoga class. And pick something you feel good wearing as well! If you’re a bit apprehensive about going, then turning up in a comfortable gym set or new yoga gear may boost your confidence that little bit more. 

You also want to make sure you have full range of motion in whatever you are wearing. You’ll probably be trying a lot of new poses out and you ideally don’t want your body to feel restricted. 


4. Mat

Most yoga studios that you go to will have mats there for you to use (it’s worth checking their website before you go!) However, it can be nice to take your own. Although I’m sure all yoga studios follow have high hygiene standards, there’s something comforting about using your own mat.

Don’t have a yoga mat yet? I’ve got a few eco-friendly yoga mat suggestions you might like here


how to start a yoga routine


After the class


First of all, give yourself a pat on the back. It’s not easy pushing yourself out of your comfort zone so whenever you do, it’s important to internalise the feeling of celebration and feel good about what you did – whatever the outcome was. 


Notice how you felt within the class. Did it feel clumsy? Did you feel frustrated? Or did you overcome those emotions and feel the sense of peace and calm you had been looking for? 


Take note of and reflect on anything that came up for you without looking at it too judgementally. 


I like to go by a rule of three with new things because after just trying something once, you can’t always get a feel of whether it’s a proper fit. You might have been feeling off on the day, the teacher may have been different than usual or maybe the class itself wasn’t a great match to your fitness levels. after trying something three times, you can get a proper idea of whether it is or isn’t for you. 


Once you’ve tried something three times, you can properly weigh up whether it feels right and whether you will enjoy it each time you go. 


So dust yourself off and book onto the next class.


learning yoga for beginners




So there you have it – all you need to take to your first yoga class is comfy clothes, a yoga mat and an open mind. Most of all, try to enjoy the journey, whatever that may be!



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