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So you’ve just started up with a new yoga routine but you want some new gear? You’re in the right place. If you’ve already had a look online, you’ve probably noticed that most yoga mats are more pricey than you would have expected. At least that’s what I thought when I started looking.


I’m here to help you navigate through all of the premium yoga mats online and find a yoga mat this is affordable and good quality. So keep reading to see if anything takes your fancy… 


best cheap yoga mats


Maximo Fitness Mat Review


First on our list in the Maximo fitness mat. Comfortable, grippy and aesthetically pleasing, what’s not to like about this mat? Let’s have a closer look. 


What we liked:



Reviewers of this mat consistently commented on how comfortable this mat was for a yoga practice. This seemed to be due to the thickness of the mat. People mentioned that it protected their elbows, knees and hands during their yoga practice. This is important because some yoga poses can be uncomfortable anyway. So you want to set yourself up with as much comfort as possible before you start pushing yourself out of your comfort zone!


Carry strap

Unlike a lot of yoga mats out there, this yoga mat comes with its own carry strap. This is great if you’re planning to take your mat to a yoga class or yoga studio. I noticed personally how important this aspect of a yoga mat is when I started trying to take my (quite heavy) yoga mat to my yoga studio without a yoga mat strap. It was a struggle and I actually stopped walking and started driving which wasn’t ideal. So this product gets a big thumbs up from me for this!


What we didn’t like:



Some reviewers of this product were less than impressed with the durability (or not so durability) of this yoga mat. Reviewers mentioned that this yoga mat was showing signs of wear and tear. So it might be worth considering this when thinking about this if you’re considering buying this yoga mat. 

This however, is a catch with a lot of the cheaper yoga mats out there. People love their yoga and this means they practice it regularly. And this regular use means that if you don’t have a mat that can withstand this, you run the risk of it becoming worn out. This is something to consider when buying any of these yoga mats!


TOPLUS Yoga Mat Review


Another great option for a cheap(er) yoga mat is the TOPLUS yoga mat. With incredible reviews on Amazon, what’s not to like about this mat? Let’s find out. 


What we liked:


Packaging matters

Reviewers of this yoga mat mentioned that this yoga mat came in great packaging. You might dismiss this comment quickly, but packaging really matters. This will be the first thing you see when you buy the yoga mat and your first impression won’t disappoint. 


Great size + weight

Reviewers of this mat also commented on its’ size. Buyers mentioned that this mat was the perfect size. Comfortable, convenient and perfect for what they needed. People were also quick to mention how lightweight this mat was. This is something that I really do value about the more affordable yoga mats out there. Sometimes with premium mats, because of the great quality, the mats can be quite heavy and hard to carry about. With these yoga mats, you’re getting a great mat that you can also comfortably transport around. 



With yoga being such a spiritual and compassionate practice, I think that being eco-friendly and looking after the environment is always a must from good, ethical companies selling yoga products. The TOPLUS yoga mat does not disappoint on this front, with reviewers consistently expressing this appreciation of the company’s eco-friendly ethos.


What we didn’t like: 


Not thick enough

This runs the risk of being quite a subjective point however some reviewers rated the mat as not thick enough. Despite the description of the mat stating that it’s sure to keep your back, knees and hands supported, some people just didn’t find the thickness of the mat really did support them in the more comfortable way. If you’re someone who might need a little extra support on your joints, it might be worth spending your money on a different, more supportive mat. 



Unfortunately this is something that came up quite a bit in reviews of the TOPLUS yoga mat. It just wasn’t grippy enough. People found that when in positions such as downward dog, their hands would slip and they wouldn’t be able to stay in the pose simply because the mat wasn’t offering enough grip. 

This is an important point to bear in mind but remember this could also be quite subjective. I say this because I read many more reviews stating that the mat was in fact very grippy! So it’s hard to know exactly what you would think of its’ non-slip capabilities. But what I do know is that it might be worth grabbing yourself one to try to it out…


the best cheap yoga mats


If you do want premium… 


So I hope this post has given you some ideas for some great, cheap yoga mats out there if you are on a budget. The thing with yoga mats though, is that if you’re using one regularly, every day for example, then you might find out the cheaper ones wear out a little quicker than you’d like. 


For this reason, some people prefer to buy a more expensive, better quality yoga mat, in other words a ‘premium yoga mat’. The benefit of this is that instead of buying a new mat every couple of months, you could buy one and it last YEARS. The Manduka yoga mat even states it has a lifetime guarantee. You can check out my review of it here. 


There are also other brilliant premium yoga mats. Whether you’re after something truly luxurious like vegan suede, or you’re after something eco-friendly and good for our planet, make sure you have a quick look at my reviews of these products and see which ones take your fancy. 


My verdict?


Well you asked for it – so here it is! I love reviewing premium, luxurious products however some of you have requested that I get some reviews out there for products which are more affordable. So I hope you enjoyed it and t helped you select your future yoga mat. 


If you liked this post, please let me know and I’ll be sure to get more reviews of more affordable products up on this blog. 


Let me know what these mats are like!




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