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Having a good yoga mat is so important. A yoga mat suited to your needs will help provide you with the best yoga experience possible. You’ll feel strong, stable and confident to try out a variety of poses.


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But like anything, there are so many yoga mats out there. My goal for this website is help you make the choice on which equipment might be right for you.


In this post, I’ll be reviewing the popular ‘Manduka ProLite’ yoga mat. And I’ll be letting you know whether or not I think it’s worth your money.




Material: Non-toxic, latex free eco-certified safe PVC

Thickness: 5mm

Weight: 1.8kg

Width: 61cm

Length: 180cm


manduka prolite yoga mat review


The bestseller Manduka ProLite yoga mat is a sleek, stylish mat in design. Perfect for either beginners or experienced yogis, the mat claims to provide grip, support and comfort for your yoga practice. If you’re particularly eco-conscious, you’ll also be pleased to hear that this mat is made from eco-certified safe PVC.


What we liked




The mat is so lightweight for how thick it is. Reviewers regularly commented on how easy it is to transport around various places whilst also being really thick. Did you know the average yoga mat is 3mm thick? The Manduka ProLite yoga mat is 5mm thick. And unlike some other thicker premium mats, this one won’t break your back when carrying it. But if you wanted transporting this mat to be EVEN easier, then you could always grab yourself a Manduka Carry Bag to perfectly match your new yoga mat.


Premium quality

With this product, you get what you pay for in terms of quality. Reviewers of this mat consistently commented on the quality of the mat. It feels and looks like a premium product that will be sure to turn heads wherever you choose to take it. If you’re ready to ditch the cheaper mats for something higher quality, this mat might be just what you’ve been looking for.


Will last you a lifetime

Manduka offer a lifetime guarantee on this mat. THAT’s how much they believe in the durability and quality of their product. This speaks volumes for the company itself and what you can expect from the mat itself. With this sort of confidence, I’d hazard a guess that this might be the only yoga mat you’ll ever need to buy again.


Range of colours

Not only is the Manduka ProLite yoga mat practical, it’s also really nicely designed. Sleek and stylish, the mat comes in a variety of 10 colours. This means not only are you getting a great yoga mat, you can personalise your yoga mat to suit your personality and personal style. Choose from the more subtle and sophisticated colours such as Green Ash or Fuschia, or let your style shine by going for the bolder Dresden Blue or Black Magic.


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What we didn’t like


Breaking in 

Despite Manduka’s claim that their mat is grippy and non-slip, some reviewers of the mat found that if they were having a particularly sweaty yoga practice, they were slipping on the mat when in downward dog. Manduka therefore suggests that the mat needs a little breaking in before use. This involves rubbing the mat in coarse salt. Some reviewers (quite rightly) stated that they didn’t feel they should have had to do this for such a premium mat. This problem could also be overcome by using a yoga towel.


Now this may come down to your personal size and preferences when practicing, but some reviewers found that the Manduka ProLite yoga mat was too small for them, with it potentially being a bit too narrow for some. Personally, I don’t feel the dimensions look too narrow, however I am quite small so it may not affect me as much as some. Just something to bear in mind if you prefer to have a bit more space to move around on your mat!


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Is it worth the money?


So with all that being said, should you buy this yoga mat? Is it worth your money?


Personally, I would say that the Manduka ProLite yoga mat is worth your money and it’s worth buying it. You might not agree when you see the price but just think about it – Manduka offers a LIFETIME guarantee. If this is the only yoga mat you will EVER need to buy, do you then think it’s worth it? Plus, if they have that much faith in their product, maybe you should too.


Yoga is a premium practice that deserves to be paired with premium products. Have you ever bought some new activewear and then been really motivated to get to the gym and feel good wearing it?


That same thing happens when you buy a new yoga mat. If you’re just starting out, this could be a great time to give yourself that push to get started and get going with your new yoga routine.


On the other hand, if you’re an experienced yogi, this could be a great time to show yourself that you’re worth it! You are worth investing this money into yourself. And your yoga practice is worth it too.


Having new gear might also encourage you to expand and get to a new yoga studio or new yoga class. And here you might learn some new techniques or learn to perfect a new skill – the possibilities are endless. After all, if you’re going to pay for a premium product, you might as well be showing it off!


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My verdict


I’m all for quality over quantity and the Manduka ProLite really encompasses that philosophy. A premium, high quality product that also looks and feels good, and is guaranteed to last you a lifetime. What more could you want? Get your Manduka ProLite Yoga Mat here.


If you already have this mat, I would love to know your opinion on it. And if you’re planning on buying it, let me know what you think of it when it arrives!




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