Liforme Yoga Mat Review



As I’ve said many times before, having the right yoga mat for you and your practice is very important. 


In this post, I’ll provide you with an honest Liforme Yoga Mat review. 


The Liforme Yoga Mat is essentially a premium, eco-friendly yoga mat. However, like anything, it has its’ flaws. Keep reading to see what they are and weigh up whether it’s worth your money.


Key stats


Material: natural rubber with their specially engineered eco-polyurethane

Weight: 2.5kg

Thickness: 4.2mm

Length: 185cm

Width: 68cm


liforme yoga mat review


What we liked


Completely unique material

The Liforme yoga mat utilises a completely unique ‘GripForMe’ material that they developed just for this yoga mat. You know that a yoga mat is going to provide the grip that you need when the mat utilises its’ own bespoke material. And it’s also eco-friendly. 


But the main reason we loved this material so much is because it does what yogis what. It provides the grip needed to get you through even the sweatiest of yoga classes. From hot yoga to vinyasa yoga, this mat supports you through it all. 


Yogis who tried and tested this mat for themselves consistently raved about this aspect of the mat. It certainly passes the grip test. After all, you can’t make a material called ‘GripForMe’ and then not deliver the goods!



Something else that is truly unique about this yoga mat is the visual markers it provides on the mat for proper alignment when in yoga poses. 


The markers guide you through various poses, helping your body to stay in alignment therefore enhancing your skill and avoiding strain or injury. This is great if you are doing yoga at home as you’ll be able to get yourself in proper alignment without hands-on adjustments from a teacher.



  • Central marker
  • Central line marker
  • Reverse points
  • End to end lines
  • 45 degree lines 


And don’t worry, this mat encompasses practicality and style as the markers blend perfectly with the mat, making it both useful and aesthetically pleasing. 


Thick + comfortable

At 4.5mm, this mat is thicker than most. This mat will support your yoga practice by providing the support and stability you’ll need.


And not to mention, it’s a bonus for a relaxing and rejuvenating sivasana at the end of practice (let’s be honest – our favourite part).



As a committed yogi, you’re more than likely environmentally and socially conscious. And if I’m right and this sounds like you, then this mat might be for you. 


The mat is made out of natural rubber with their specially engineered eco-polyurethane. 


And if that wasn’t enough, all of their packaging is 100% recyclable and the mats are biodegradable after 1.5 years as well. The company is committed to its’ eco-friendly ethos and knows their customers will be too. 


liforme yoga mat review


What we didn’t like 



This yoga mat is thick, comfortable and a little bit bigger than usual. This provides comfort, stability and support. But this means that its a little heavier than we would typically like. This isn’t too much of a hassle unless you have to walk somewhere for your yoga practice (the park, the studio). It might make the process feel that little bit more of a chore.


Don’t get me wrong, it is completely doable to carry this mat however if we’re being fussy, we’d like it to be a little bit lighter.


Occasional defects 

So there weren’t many bad reviews of this product out there I’ll be honest. So I had to scour some sites for any potential flaws of this mat. For some people, there were some quality issues. One reviewer said that she ordered this mat and the rubber hadn’t been glued properly and was coming apart!


Bag quality

Another point that one review made was about the carry bag that the mat came in. This buyer mentioned that the bag was actually bad quality. This one really surprised me considering how great quality the yoga mat is. You’d think that with such a premium product the company would make every single aspect of the product top quality. 


Bare in mind this was just one person’s opinion, however. It might have been bad quality to this person but great quality to another. This is good to bare in mind when reading any Amazon reviews – perhaps it can be better to take what some people say with a pinch of salt. 


liforme yoga mat review


Our verdict? 


This mat was really hard to fault. And I mean really hard. I LOVE giving honest reviews that are not one-sided so I commit to finding some negative aspects of any product to give you a balanced view of what you might get. 


But honestly, it was hard to find complaints with substance. And that in itself tells you how satisfied users were with this yoga mat. So from my research alone, I would say this yoga mat would be very unlikely to disappoint.


Of course, this yoga mat comes with a higher price point than most. That might put you off or it might not. Maybe you can’t imagine spending that much money on a yoga mat. On the other hand, maybe you’ve decided that it’s time to invest in your yoga practice and take it to the next level. 


So, despite some (very minor) flaws, out of 200 amazon reviews, over 84% were 5 star reviews. Considering so many will have bought this mat and each person will have such different preferences and styles, this is a pretty great review outcome. 


I want this mat!


My conclusion is that this is a brilliant mat to serve any yoga routine or any yoga practice that you have in mind. This mat will enhance the practice of both newbies and experienced yogis. 


Confession: I don’t have this mat. Another confession: I now want this mat! And I can imagine you do as well. Let’s go get them here. 


If you buy this mat, leave your own review below as I’d love to know whether you agree with my points or not. I know that I can’t wait to get mine.




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