Learning Yoga For Beginners



Learning yoga when you’re a beginner is exciting! But it can be difficult – especially if you have never done it before.


But don’t worry, in this post I’ll walk you through exactly what you need to know if you’re just getting started, which will hopefully prepare you for what’s to come!


learning yoga for beginners


Why do you want to start?


First of all, it’s great that you’ve decided to learn a new skill. And what better skill to learn than one that will benefit your mental, physical and emotional health.


Before you throw yourself into your new practice, I always think it’s a good idea to get a good idea of why you have started something. There’s a reason you’ve chosen yoga. Maybe you just chose is randomly because you want to learn a new skill.


Maybe you’ve chosen yoga because you want a bit more peace and calm (especially with everything going on at the moment), or maybe you’d like to physically look after your body a bit better.


Whatever you reason, make sure you know it from the start. This is important because it will help you with motivation when you don’t feel like doing it. 


learning yoga for beginners




Getting started with yoga is easy because you don’t need any fancy equipment to get going. All you’ll need is something to do your yoga on and a bit of space.


However, it can be really motivating to get some new gear and get excited to use it. 


learning yoga for beginners


Yoga mat

There are plenty of yoga mats out there to choose from. If you’re a beginner and are just starting out to see if you like yoga, then you might be better with a more basic mat. This will ensure you can get a feel for the yoga practice without spending a lot of money on the gear. 


Yoga block


You could purchase a yoga block either before you decide to get started or once you have been practicing for a little bit. Personally, I remember starting yoga and then wishing I had a block. This is because some poses can be difficult when you first start if you’re not too flexible. And a yoga block can help you move into the pose a bit deeper without straining or hurting yourself. 


Yoga strap


A bit like a yoga block, a yoga strap can help you to stretch a little further in some poses such as a hamstring stretch. I would recommended maybe thinking about getting a yoga strap after you’ve been practicing for a little bit. By that point, you’ll have a better idea of what the strap might be able to help you with. 


learning yoga for beginners


Getting started


You could start practicing either in a yoga studio with a class or you could practice by yourself in your home. This might just depend on personal preference or it might just depend on how confident you’re feeling.


Starting at home


Getting started at home can be great if you’re feeling a little unsure of what you’re doing because it can allow you to watch some videos, give it a go and gain some confidence in what you’re doing. 


You can completely tailor the yoga practice to what your body wants and needs and this can be more enjoyable than having to sit through a class you’re not enjoying. 


All you’ll need is a towel (if you don’t have a yoga mat) and some space where you can practice and be undisturbed.


There are so many apps and videos out there that can help you get started straight away at the click of a button.


Starting in a class


The great thing that you’ll get in a class that you won’t necessarily get when you start at home is guidance. You’ll have a teacher there to guide you through the poses.


For beginners, this can be really beneficial because if you’re unsure what you’re doing in the poses, you may run the risk of injuring yourself or straining your body. 


Going through a class and having a teacher that gives hands on adjustments can be great for learning how to align your body properly to prevent injury or strain.


Starting in a class is also great if you’re someone who likes the social aspect of learning new skill. You can meet others, make new friends and this can serve as a way to keep you accountable for your new yoga practice. 


Within a class you might also be encouraged to challenge yourself a bit more. When starting at home, it can be easy to stick within your comfort zone. However in a class, your teacher might encourage you to move deeper into certain poses and push yourself a bit more.


You might be surprised at what your body can do!


how to start a yoga routine




Like any new skill or hobby, it’s important to make it feel like a routine. And to do this, I’ve got a few tips.


First and foremost, schedule some time to practice. This might depend on what you’re looking to get out of the yoga practice.


I think the word routine can sound a little boring or mundane sometimes and easy to dismiss or overlook. But when you really get going with it, you make your routine into anything you want it to be. If you’re someone who doesn’t really like routine, then you might prefer a more spontaneous way of practicing your new skill.


Personally, I know that if I have time specifically set aside in the day for a particular thing, I am far more likely to get it done. If you’re the same, you might also benefit from starting a proper routine with your new yoga practice.


See what works


These tips might not work for you, or they might work great. The most important thing is to just get started and see what happens. 


You might surprise yourself and find it all easier than you’d anticipated. Or you might have a few obstacles and stumbling blocks until you get to where you’d like to be.


Either way, there’s no matter time to start than the present!



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