How To Do Yoga At Home For Weight Loss


how to do yoga at home for weight loss


Have you headed into the new year (and new decade!) with the goal of losing weight?


Are you unsure how you can get started?


Whether you’ve been procrastinating on your new year goals, or you’re a bit nervous of heading out to the gym, an at-home workout practice may be what you’re looking for.


And yoga might be your answer.


In this article I’ll walk you through how you can use yoga at home for weight loss.


Yoga at home


Starting an at-home yoga practice is probably the easiest way to get started with yoga!


All you need is a yoga mat (available online for under £10) and a little bit of guidance.


I got started with yoga by practicing 10 minutes every morning before work using a standard yoga mat and Youtube videos.

yoga equipment list



This helped me get to grips with the basics of yoga, and enabled me to see if I liked it or not without having to pay any class fees!



This also meant that when I finally did go to classes, I had the basics under my belt, and I felt confident and in control in the class. 


So, your first step is to set aside some time for your practice. 


This may be in the morning, like me, or it may be a different time of day. Yoga can offer unique benefits depending on the time of day you practice.


What’s important is that you set the time aside each week. You could start with simply once a week (it’s great to have doable goals or you may never get round to them), leading up to two or three times a week (if you decide you like it!).


It’s also important to remember that if you are only just starting to practice yoga, it may not be this calming experience when you first start.


You may at first feel quite stumbly, and unsure of what you’re doing. It may be hard to link your breath to your body at first. But once you do, you’ll feel the benefits, and understand why people love yoga so much!


If this is something you really want to incorporate into either your daily or weekly routine, just keep going!


Yoga poses for weight loss


Regardless of the type of yoga you practice, I’m sure you will lose weight doing so.


However, there are some poses that are significantly more challenging, and may help you shed the weight and build lean muscle quicker than less challenging ones.


1. Warrior II


2. Planks (low + high plank)


3. 3-legged dog to tiger curl


4. Chair pose


These poses are all completely doable as a beginner, you may just need some yoga props to help you out such as blocks or straps. Find out more here.


how to do yoga at home for weight loss


Mindset is key


I think yoga is a great way to lose weight because I don’t believe in diets or quick fixes. A lot of these ‘quick and easy’ diets over-promise and under-deliver.


They’re also so hard to sustain, meaning yes you may drop a few dress sizes, but you’re also more likely to put it on again. 


What you really want is a regular practice you can incorporate into your life, which gives you benefits on top of weight loss. 


I also believe that the mindset you have when you start your weight loss journey is really key.


You can’t get to a body you love whilst hating yourself when losing weight.


You have to love yourself and your body now.


I don’t think you should begin to lose weight because you dislike or even hate some parts of your body as you are.


Losing weight isn’t going to change your relationship with yourself, or your mindset. It has to start from the inside out.

how to do yoga at home for weight loss


I appreciate this can be really difficult to just ‘change’, but if you want to focus on your mindset throughout losing weight, there are lots of books on Amazon that focus on having a positive mentality whilst losing weight. 


Don’t forget about these…


I also believe that the best way to lose weight, or make any changes to your body, is to take a holistic approach – you want something that can be integrated into your lifestyle for a full and sustainable change.


There are some other healthy habits to pick up that shouldn’t be overlooked:


1. Healthy eating. 


  • Healthy eating means something different for everyone. I suggest looking up your body type on Google, and finding out what foods you should be eating to maximise your weight loss. Some people do better eating lots of carbs, some people do better eating fewer carbs – test out your eating habits and figure out what works best for you. 


how does yoga help migraines


2. Drink lots of water


  • A lot of people suffer from water retention without knowing! Again, consult Google to see how much water you should be drinking. You’ll be surprised at how much ‘weight’ you appear to lose just by upping your water intake.

bikram yoga benefits and risks

3. Get enough sleep


  • Again, this will mean different hours for everyone. Some people require little sleep, some require lots more. Figure out where you are at your best, and always aim for that amount of sleep. If you are beginning an exercise regime, this gives your body the chance to fully rest and recover. It also keeps your metabolism healthy.


yoga benefits for women


Yoga it is!


I hope that after reading this you are keen to get started with yoga to help you with losing weight. It really is a great and comforting exercise to start with, and you’re sure to see benefits mentally as well as physically. Find more about those here!


So yoga may really be able to help you shed some weight. But don’t forget about all the other benefits of yoga – see more here!


I hope that you can put some of these tips and poses into action, and also love yourself and your body whilst doing so. 


Let me know how it all goes!




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