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With so many choices out there, which yoga mat is right for you? Do you value lots of grip? Do you want something that feels luxurious? Or maybe you just want something simple that’ll get the job done.


Whichever you are, here at Great Yoga For You, I offer you honest reviews of the most popular yoga products on the market.


In this Gaiam Sol Dry Grip yoga mat review, I’ll be giving you my honest opinion, letting you know how what it will (or won’t) add to your yoga practice and I’ll be getting candid on whether or not it’s worth your money.


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Key stats

Material: a PVC material (sol)

Thickness: 5mm

Length: 68 inches

Width: 24 inches

Weight: 3.2lbs



gaiam yoga mat review



What people liked



If you like hot yoga, then this is the mat for you. Gaiam haven’t marketed this as a ‘dry grip’ mat for nothing. Reviewers of the mat consistently commented that this mat is one of the grippiest mats they had ever used.

Although marketed for hot yoga, users commented that the mat was actually perfectly grippy for both hot yoga and normal yoga practices. Whether they didn’t break a sweat at all or sweated buckets, it seemed the mat was grippy enough for everyone.

I have to say this is truly unique for a yoga mat. Usually at least some people find that a mat doesn’t hold its’ grip in some circumstances, but not this one. If you buy this mat, you won’t be slipping or sliding about regardless of which yoga style you practice.



The Gaiam Drip Grip yoga mat is spacious. People have regularly commented on how luxurious the mat feels as it provides a little extra space than usual.

This can be especially valuable in a crowded yoga class, where mats are typically very close together. Having a slightly larger mat means you get slightly more room to feel your way through your yoga practice without worrying about bumping into anyone else.


‘Mat Envy’

Something I personally loved about this mat on first glance was its’ appearance. The Gaiam Dry Grip mat is sophisticated, sleek and stylish. The understated flower pattern on the mat introduces a feminine and classy touch to the otherwise plain mat.

Someone who had taken the mat to a class mentioned that even her yoga teacher had ‘mat envy’ for this yoga mat. This doesn’t surprise me when you see the premium quality that oozes from the mat without even having to step foot on it.



As you may know, most yoga mats are 3mm thick – this is the standard. So when this may comes in at 5mm thick, I couldn’t help but take another look.

Reviewers mentioned that the thickness of this mat actually provides more balance and support than your standard yoga mat, which has enabled yogis to take their yoga practice to the next level.

Combine this with how grippy the mat is and you’ve got the perfect foundation for those challenging balancing poses that we all aspire to get in. I’m not promising that this mat will help you reach your headstand, but I’m saying it could definitely be the missing link to propel you further to that goal.


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What people didn’t like


Despite all of the wonderful things I did read about this yoga mat, there were some negatives I saw when searching reviews.


A disappointing 16% of yogis rated this mat 1 out of 5 stars. So I  looked a little further to find out why…



Unfortunately it seems the material the mat is made from means that this mat isn’t the most convenient to keep clean. People didn’t tend to have a problem when spraying the mat down after use, giving it a wipe and leaving it to dry. However, if you’re someone who just cleans the mat then rolls it up and leaves it in your car, then this might not be the mat for you.

One yogi commented that after doing the above, the mat was actually still wet when she unrolled it again. And of course, this meant there was a slight odour to the mat. So, unless you’re willing to make sure it’s kept clean and lay it out to dry after cleaning, you might want to give this one a miss.


Top layer peeling off

Now, it wasn’t clear whether or not this strange defect was a manufacturing error on a batch of the mats, or whether it was a more generalised problem. Some users didn’t have this problem at all. However others noticed that after about 10-15 uses of the mat, the top layer would peel off?!

Some people actually managed to get their mat replaced, with Gaiam agreeing that this was certainly a defect. However their new mat did the same.

That being said, some people didn’t actually find this to be much of an issue. In fact, they were so happy with the other aspects of the mat (grip, appearance and comfort) that this really wasn’t a deal breaker for them, and they still gave it a high rating.



Some reviewers commented again on the quality of the mat maybe not being quite up to par. For some people, the mat left a coloured residue on their body after their yoga practice. It seemed that the material on the top of the mat had rubbed off onto them.

One poor reviewer mentioned that even her pedicures had been ruined by this mat!

However, once again we saw someone mentioning how even though this had happened, the benefits of the Gaiam yoga mat had outweighed this strange quality defect.


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My verdict?


After researching this yoga mat, even I am keen to give it a try. My current yoga mat doesn’t seem to offer the comfort and the grip that this one does and so leaves me wondering exactly how much my yoga practice would be elevated and enhanced if I had the right foundation supporting me.


If you’re wondering the same, then you can check out and order the Gaiam Sol Dry Grip mat just here.


If you end up buying a Gaiam Sol Dry Grip yoga mat or even have one already, do let me know what you think!



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